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P O Box 651


South Africa


Tel : (013) 656 6827 13

Fax 086 685 5176



Elizabeth Avenue



I am very proud that the Diocese of Witbank of the Catholic Church had invited and supported the School Sisters of St. Francis to start in 1998 the St. John’s Care Centre.


The cooperation between the Sisters and the Diocese of Witbank has continued through the past years and has resulted in an ongoing improvement in the care offered to the children at St. John’s Care Centre.


I was ordained the Bishop of Witbank Diocese at the end of January 2010 and since then I have considered St. John’s Care Centre has a God’s gift to my diocese, to the Catholic Church in general, and to all the people of Barberton and Mpumalanga.


St. John’s Care Centre is indeed an amazing witness to Christ’s love for the most vulnerable members of our society. Orphaned, abandoned and children in need of basic care are welcomed, nurtured, provided with security, love, warmth, acceptance, healing and education through the amazing dedication of the Scholl Sisters of St. Francis and the other members of the staff. During the past years many challenges were met and overcome through perseverance, hard work, cooperation with church and government structures and personnel, friendly private companies and individuals and overseas friends.


I am most grateful to the School Sisters of St. Francis and to all other people involved and who support the Centre. Friends and supporters of the Centre include people of different races, cultures, languages, countries and faiths. This shows that when we do good God brings us together, makes us appreciate the value of the other and motivates us to work together to promote the wellbeing of the children at the Centre. In doing this we become better human beings and the scourge of HIV and AIDS is transformed in an opportunity to for us to help the most in need.


Assuring them of my ongoing support and cooperation and that of the Diocese of Witbank, I pray and hope that the School Sisters of St. Francis will continue for many years to be overall responsible of St. John’s Care Centre, thus enabling many of these children to grow, develop and become adult, responsible and productive citizens of South Africa.


I invoke God blessing and graces upon all at St. John’s Care Centre and on all those giving it their support in so many exemplary way.

+ Giuseppe (Joe) Sandri MCCJ

Bishop of Witbank




St John’s Mission

R40 Nelspruit/Barberton Road


PO Box 1321


South Africa





Rina Mienie

Cell +27 (82) 962 0176



Sr Anece Salay

Cell : +27 (82) 092 6444




Caring for children with aids - treatment and hospice in Barberton, Mpumalanga at St Johns Care Centre

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