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In 1998, with the approval of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Witbank and under the direction of the School Sister’s of St Francis, St John’s hostel was transformed into a palliative care centre for adults in the final stages of Aids. Valuing a Christian holistic approach to life, the Centre provided a place and atmosphere to help each person die with dignity, accepted and loved and in peace. Many mothers critically ill often came with their malnourished and sick children (HIV+) to the centre.


St John’s became an alternative home for children who were left behind, affected and infected with the virus, and whose families could not be located or were not able to care for the children.



Between the years 1998 and 2010, 650 adults and children received compassionate care at the Centre, of them approximately 500 died. Some lived to go home and died with their families. When the roll out of the ARV finally reached the centre, some of our children had already started home schooling. They were sickly but determined to learn. Some of them were behind in growth and development due to the virus and especially malnutrition.


In 2010 the Centre became the St John’s Child and Youth Center. Adults were no longer admitted to St John’s. Social workers were hired to start the process of locating families of the children. This began the almost “impossible search” for families and relatives, so that the process of reunification could begin.


The day came in 2012 for the children to face the “big schools”. Equipped with speaking English, having had four years of SiSwati and a bit of Afrikaans, the need for socialization, meeting new children and teachers, dealing with the world outside of St John’s became a new challenge. Most of the children were older than the grade level into which they were placed in the public schools.


From the early days of the Centre’s existence, the residents’ families have no personal resources to contribute financially towards the care of the children. During the course of any year we vary from 36 to 42 children between the ages of birth to 18 years. Although registration permits admission of children up to the age of 6, we do take older children in critical condition.


A government subsidy helps to meet the basic needs of the children. However, donations from various organisations, individuals and churches (local and international) are needed to meet the Centre’s mandate and achieve its objectives.












St John’s Care Centre is a residential care facility committed to improving the quality of life for children, who are HIV infected or who have AIDS and have no other care alternative.


Valuing a Christian, holistic approach to life, the centre offers palliative care and accommodation to children for whom a cure is not achievable.


A tranquil, loving and homely environment is provided, to assist each child to deal with the reality of death, and even more relevant, to live a healthy and normal life with HIV. This then, would lead them to live in hope of being reunified with family.


We believe that without prevention and education there is no hope of stemming the tide of this virus in South Africa. Therefore all efforts are made to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating the children, their family members and the community about voluntary testing, behavioural change, hygiene and basic home care.




To provide community-based care to children from birth to 12 years who are in need of palliative care or are vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS. The children may be destitute, abandoned, or their families are unable to provide for their care, irrespective of race, culture, socio-economic status, creed, sex or religion:


  • To demonstrate the unconditional love of God for each child
  • To provide an alternative palliative care facility for children dying of AIDS
  • To administer ARV’s properly to those who need it
  • To prevent further spread of the disease through prevention & group education
  • To provide opportunities for education, skills development & socialization
  • To offer comfort, support & counselling to family members & significant others
  • To promote reunification of the child with family once their health is stabilized






St John’s Mission

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South Africa





Rina Mienie

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Sr Anece Salay

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Caring for children with aids - treatment and hospice in Barberton, Mpumalanga at St Johns Care Centre

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